Urban Architects provides professional architecture, planning and interior design services for individuals, small businesses and community organizations. We approach each individual project with the understanding that in today's competitive marketplace, organizations must engage potential users on many different levels. As such, Urban Architects is committed to the principle that the unique environments we design for each client should not only be aesthetically pleasing and functional, but also generate memorable and positive experiences for its users.

At Urban Architects, we take all of your project needs into account so that together we can create exciting and innovative solutions which will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Design Approach

The majority of design problems involve a balanced combination of functional and creative problem-solving techniques with wide-ranging factors that differentiate the design professional in improving the built environment. Although design approach at its most basic level is about defining a problem and developing a solution, Urban Architects approaches each program with the knowledge that it takes collaboration between architect and client to develop an appropriate solution to a design challenge. Through needs-assessment, dialogue, and our collective experiences, we work together to analyze project needs then synthesize a solution based on those requirements.
Services Provided

New Construction Design
Project Management
Existing Building Renovation Existing
Conditions Assessment
Interior Renovations
Project Consultation
Space Planning & Programming
Small Projects

Environmental Design

Urban Architects utilizes environmentally friendly materials and design techniques wherever possible. In many cases a passive approach may be possible with minimal initial cost and simple planning techniques. In other cases, active techniques would require additional project costs, planning and owner commitment to integrate into proposed projects. Urban Architects by way of best practices strive to utilize fairly simple techniques such as specifying non-toxic finishes, utilizing local materials wherever possible and attempting to optimize energy efficient systems. For many building owners and operators understand inefficient use of natural resources through high energy usage but may fail to understand the complexity in eliminating or reducing the problem that can be reverted through smarter design planning.